Who we are

Compagnie des Tabacs Comme il Faut is an international tobacco manufacturer operating in Port-au-Prince, Haiti as a market leader. We produce the top selling brand in Haiti “Comme il Faut” and supply our international clientele with blend processed tobacco, or “cut rag”.

Incorporated on April 23rd, 1927 in Louisville, Kentucky, Compagnie des Tabacs Comme il Faut, also known as “Comme il Faut”, obtained official permission to operate in Haiti on July 7th, 1927. Since then, Comme il Faut remains one of the premier companies in Haiti and is now a part of the country’s national heritage.

Employees of Comme il Faut feel a special bond with the company, given that the working relationship favors friendly and cordial bonds between the various branches of the company.

Comme il Faut is committed to maintaining its policy on corporate social responsibility as a good corporate citizen, by providing support to the communities in which we live and operate, particularly to those in need.

Mission & Values


1. We are an operating entity in Haiti utilizing Haitian resources in compliance with governing policies.
2. We are commercial / business leaders dedicated to providing our customers with quality goods and desirable services.
3. Our standards of quality must exceed the expectations of our customers.
4. We strive to provide a fair return to our shareholders.
5. We operate and participate in market with the expectation of establishing and maintaining long term relationships.
6. We strive to provide meaningful and rewarding careers for our employees.
7. We owe our customers and our communities the best possible service.
8. We will protect our assets to insure our long term success.


1. Our actions, words and deeds have a profound effect on our customer, suppliers and fellow employees. Everything we do must take into account their best interest.
2. Our success depends on our ability to deliver the highest quality product and service to our customers that is not available elsewhere and makes them desire to do business with us again.
3. Our employees have the opportunity to reach their maximum level of ability and are compensated fairly based upon the merits of their performance.
4. We strive to provide a safe, clean and pleasant atmosphere for our employees.
5. Our success depends on the creativity, ingenuity, diversity and resourcefulness of our employees.
6. We support the communities in which we live and operate; we strive to be a responsible and corporate citizen.


Compagnie des Tabacs “Comme il Faut” was operating in Haiti as a small business as early as 1920 and consisted mainly of growing and exporting tobacco leaf. The company was incorporated on the 23rd of April 1927 in Louisville, Kentucky by JW Fitzpatrick, C.O. Rankin and H.O. Boehme. The General Manager, Mr. H.D. Luckett, lawyer Mr. Paul Sales, Mr. D. Charles and Notary Mr. H. Pasquier signed the incorporation of the company.

Although the company was incorporated in April, the official permission to operate in Haiti was obtained on July 7th 1927. In 1934 , the first cigarette making machine was installed with a production capacity of 800 cigarettes per minute. The company started manufacturing the “Ritz Blend” cigarette and two years later, in 1936, the famous cigarette “Splendid” was launched; this was to remain the main stay brand in the Haitian market for the next forty years. At that time the factory was located in downtown Port-au-Prince.

The year 1965 saw the introduction of “Comme il Faut” brand, the first in what was to become the most successful cigarette in Haiti. By 1982, the “Comme il Faut” menthol had the lion’s share of the Haitian Market.

In 1972 Comme il Faut acquired a large property on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince, in an area known as Cazeau, where the construction of the present factory was initiated. For the following fifteen years, the administration remained downtown and the manufacturing took place in the new facility in Cazeau. In 1987, the downtown offices were closed and all operations were concentrated at Cazeau.

The company has consistently introduced modernization programs throughout the years by upgrading equipment and training of personnel to enhance their skill levels to match modern production machinery. The modernization process has included a Quality Control laboratory that assures our products to be of the highest possible quality for our consumers.

We proudly continue to upgrade our benefits for our employees as well as providing a safe work environment and one that allows for growth.

The participation of Compagnie des Tabacs “Comme il Faut” in many social and cultural activities is presently making an impact in the Haitian society. This is why today and many times in the past, our cigarettes have been referred to as “the Cigarette of the country”.